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A Few Notes on International Shipping

A few notes on international shipping: I use Etsy’s wonderful shipping widget, which both allows me to ship more cheaply to you (because it gives me a business rate) and more efficiently (because it fills out all my forms for me, like magic). The address you put in when you purchase an item is the address that goes on the envelope. The only thing I do is weigh the package and choose the mail class. Which I think is pretty cool– it saves me hours of time during my week, and allows me to pack my orders much more quickly.

What I charge for shipping covers only postage (which sadly has nearly doubled for international customers) plus about a dollar for gift packaging and a bubble mailer. It does not cover your country’s customs fees.

And tangentially related– since Etsy’s shipping widget is so marvelous, it fills out the customs forms for me. But what this means is that there is no way for me to edit the value of your item. If you made a $40 purchase, the customs form reads $40 value. I am sorry, but I cannot reduce this to avoid customs fees outside the US.

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding international shipping. I’d love to answer your questions!




Shipping Updates

First, the good news! I have a new batch of shinies up at the shop! A replenishment of faery wings, new resin creations, a sojourn into steampunk and wanderlust, and new additions to the Woodland Moss series!

In a bit of sad news, the USPS has doubled the price of international shipping in the past week.

Prices in the shop have now been adjusted for international customers. Right now, it’s based on the cost of a 3 oz package, which is my average weight, plus $.75 to cover my labels, ink, box, and padded envelope. Of course, if I end up owing someone more than $1 back, I will refund it.

I have also altered the Earring Club subscriptions so that shipping and price are separate, to account for international costs. This will not affect international customers who have already purchased their listings.

Shipping to Italy remains at the international priority small box cost, as their postal service loves to eat packages, and at least with priority, I have some recourse to recoup loss if that happens.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask or email me!

For more info on how the price hikes may affect you, check out this nifty postage calculator: http://brittanysbest.com/2013/01/usps-shipping-calculator-for-2013/