Sihaya Designs Choose Your Stone Commissions!


As I have done several times in the past, February is the perfect time to run a “choose your stone” commission run!  I have photographed all of my available labradorite and druzy. Here’s how it works:
1. You got to my flickr album and click on the individual pictures of stones you’re interested in. Each individual picture has a caption that describes the stone’s size and any other relevant details. Here’s the album:

2. You tell me you want it. First come, first served!

3. After you reserve, you convo me on Etsy to tell me what you’d like to do with it. This includes telling me what metal(s) you’d like, any design specifics, if you’d like other gemstone drops or accents. If you need some ideas, I have an album of previous labradorite jewelry here:

4. I will tell you a price. The minimum price will be $75, and will increase by how much metal I need, the complexity of the design, gemstone accents, special considerations, etc.

5. You pay up-front, and in 3 weeks or less you have your made-for-you Sihaya Designs original!

If you have any questions, you can tweet me, ask on facebook, or email me at !


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