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What Does the Future Hold for Sihaya Designs?

Hi everybody! As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been quieter than usual for the past few months.

Part of it is that I was sick quite a lot this winter. I was too sick to hold pliers for at least a month. It was long, and exhausting, and very frustrating. And then after that– well, the brainweasels got me. Depression and anxiety run in my family, and coupled with lingering sickness and general winter doldrums, it severely impacted my productivity. And there were other things happening, too: I got my first nephew through unusually dramatic circumstances, there were a few health scares in my immediate family, and of course, Nox’s ongoing cancer.

As many of you ask for periodic updates on Nox: he’s had his ups and downs. His blood tests are continuing to be good. His appetite? Not so much. He’s always been a fussy eater, but that has gotten worse since his diagnosis. He’s still eating medicated food for us, but it’s a process. And medicated food, plus his actual medications and vet visits, have been rather pricey. That’s not a complaint by any means: we’re committed to his quality of life for as long as he’s with us, and that’s the price you pay. It’s what you do for family. Through it all, he’s been a very good boy, and absolutely relishes all of the extra attention and snuggles.

So, acknowledging that I’ve been rather MIA for two months, I thought it’d be a good time to discuss the future of Sihaya Designs. Which, at the moment, is a bit nebulous.

My husband recently accepted a promotion that will require us to move to the suburbs of Washington, DC. While DC is merely an hour away from our current house, it does mean a rather hefty raise in our cost of living. DC is not cheap! To add to that, we’ve been having serious discussions about timelines when it comes to starting a family together. Generally speaking, we hope to begin near the end of 2015. And that is also very exciting, but not cheap.

Realistically, we will be moving in late Spring. Most likely in May or June, but possibly sooner if something perfect falls into our laps. And at that point, I will begin searching for a different job. I absolutely love being self-employed, and I am proud of everything I have accomplished at Sihaya Designs. That said, I am trying to be realistic about the additional costs our household will incur, and that may mean it is necessary to find another job– especially as our move will mean I will have to give up my current part time position.

What does this mean for Sihaya Designs?

Well, I’m not sure. It entirely depends on the jobs that are out there. Maybe I find an awesome full time job and scale Sihaya Designs back to part time. Maybe I find an awesome part time job that pays well enough to allow me to continue Sihaya Designs full time. It’s too early for me to say just yet.

But I do know one thing: whether full time or part time, Sihaya Designs will continue to operate through the end of 2014. Earring club people, I gotcha covered. I don’t expect to ever stop making jewelry. I will probably always be available for commissions, depending on my schedule. I will probably release periodic collections. It just may not continue to be my full time job.

In the short term, I will be vending at Art of the Belly in Ocean City, MD in March. I have been accepted to vend at a few more spring-time shows, and I am contemplating my current fiscal realities, now that it’s clear that a move will be happening sooner rather than later. If I have any more vending details, I’ll be sure to post them.

I hope to have a small update up in March. I expect to have my regular spring sale at the start of April. Save those pennies, ’cause it’s going to be a good one!

And, of course, I am incredibly grateful for the amazing groundswell of support I have gotten from my customers over the years. Everything from evangelizing my work to checking in on the kitties– it has all been enormously touching, and I know that I am truly blessed.

Onward, onward. Let’s see what the future holds.




Sihaya Designs Choose Your Stone Commissions!


As I have done several times in the past, February is the perfect time to run a “choose your stone” commission run!  I have photographed all of my available labradorite and druzy. Here’s how it works:
1. You got to my flickr album and click on the individual pictures of stones you’re interested in. Each individual picture has a caption that describes the stone’s size and any other relevant details. Here’s the album:

2. You tell me you want it. First come, first served!

3. After you reserve, you convo me on Etsy to tell me what you’d like to do with it. This includes telling me what metal(s) you’d like, any design specifics, if you’d like other gemstone drops or accents. If you need some ideas, I have an album of previous labradorite jewelry here:

4. I will tell you a price. The minimum price will be $75, and will increase by how much metal I need, the complexity of the design, gemstone accents, special considerations, etc.

5. You pay up-front, and in 3 weeks or less you have your made-for-you Sihaya Designs original!

If you have any questions, you can tweet me, ask on facebook, or email me at !