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What Color Are Your Wings?

Hey there! Long time, no see!  It’s been a few months since last I posted here.  April and May have been a whirlwind of making wings and vending. Here’s a sneak peek into that process:

First I make the wings out of wire, hammering them so that the frames are nice and sturdy. I made boxes and boxes of wings. I’m surprised my fingers didn’t fall off!

Wing Frames

Next, I decide if I want a pair to be transparent and iridescent or glittery and opaque. If I choose glitter, I sift through my collection of iridescent glitters to choose just the right shade.  New shades for spring include Summer Green, Coral, Teal, and Iridescent Gold.  My next batch will also include a holographic fuchsia.


After I choose the glitter, I pick what crystal to use. I only use Swarovski crystals in my wings. It’s my opinion that they’re the best on the  market– they’re the sparkliest and most durable. And I have LOTS.


Next, I use tweezers to bejewel the heck out of the wings, and then pair them up so that they can be coated with resin. Resin adds more durability, and also ensures that the wings will be waterproof, that the glitter and crystals will not flake off, and that there’s a smooth, glossy coat.  Plus it makes them super easy to clean– I’m always getting hairspray on mine, and a light scrub with an old toothbrush takes care of it instantly.

Allllmost there!

From there, I hand-make all of the earwires. For the necklaces, I have discovered that customers really love them on light, colorful ribbons, so that’s how they are now sold in my shop.  Each pendant is matched up to a ribbon necklace that coordinates best. If you prefer chain, however, that option is still available.

The wings are now ready to be sold to you!

Jason & Jessa at Spoutwood

(Jason, my husband and “booth babe” with Jessa, a customer, at Spoutwood.)

Aren’t they sparkly all lined up in the sunshine?

405892_471657569579505_931391625_nPhoto by Vasilion Photography

And here’s a pair I loved so much I had to keep them for myself!

Spring Promo

There are a whole bunch of wings currently in the shop. I am still doing custom pairs if you would like something particular!