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I Wish I Had More Hours In The Day

Whew. It has been a BUSY month.

You can’t tell, because it’s been over a month since I’ve updated my shop, but I have had my hands full. First I had two wholesale orders to fulfill for my retailers. Then I got notice that I was accepted for Spoutwood, and I’ve been making supply orders and beginning and endless sea of fairy wings. I’ve also been working on custom orders, prepping the Earring Club to go out, doing pearl-knotting for local jewelers, and filling in a full week at my local bead shop. ¬†Oh, AND I am in rehearsals with my two dance troupes for performances next week. No pressure!

I’ve been running towards the ends of my stated turnaround times, but still scraping by. I’m only one person, and sometimes I forego sleep to get things done. I have a lot on my plate, and I am thankful that I am Virgo when it comes to time management.

Even so, I’ve been able to scrape together a big update of earrings for your pleasure! I have a few new pieces with lampwork glass in the much-loved Faery Moons series, handpainted metal in Marrakesh Leaves, some swirly wirework, Earring Wardrobes in soft tones, new Wanderlust pieces, and some pickings from lines I did for my retailers– a couple of Confectionery earrings and the lone pair of Effervescence Bubble Hoops standing from my last batch.


As I am still at the bead shop this week, I’m not sure exactly what time the update will go up. I still have to photograph about 12 pieces, but I am hoping I can prep the bulk of it to go up earlier rather than later.