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Sihaya Designs Facebook Page!

Also, I finally got with the times and got a Sihaya Designs facebook page up and running! Come ‘like’ us for a 10% coupon, good for any non-custom work in the month of May!


New: Design Your Own Faerie Wings!


My Faerie and Sidhe Wing earrings and necklaces have been among my most popular offerings ever since they launched in 2010. I’ve sold dozens!As you know, they are lightweight, super-shiny, and completely waterproof– what’s not to love?

Since then, I have been asked countless times for custom wings– I love that people dream up their own color combinations, and would like to make those custom orders a standard listing in my shop. Would you like your own special wing? No problem! The Design Your Own listing is just for you.

When you design your own wings, you can choose your metal, your wing color, iridescent or not, your crystals, and any specialized shape I’ve done that you liked, as well as other customizations.  Check out the listing here.

In addition, last week, I had an update to my shop.  Among the offerings were some of the pieces I made with my Vintaj patinas, new moss pieces, lots of labradorite, and other fun surprises.  Summer is on its way, and I’ve got the beach on my mind.  If you are so inclined, go check out the shinies to be had!