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Guess The Gemstone!

This contest will run from Thursday, February 23rd until 12:30pm EST on Friday, March 2nd.

Please send one guess to with “Guess The Gemstone” in the title, and all correct guesses will be entered to win a pair of earrings featuring the stone in question. Please let me know if you have any metal allergies.

The stone:

This stone, which can occur naturally in a variety of colors, was particularly prized by the ancient Romans for its luminescent blue and grey tones. Many carved specimens of this stone exist today in the world’s finest museums, as it was used to create official seals, intaglios, and cameos. As a healing stone, it is said to banish sadness and soothe anxiety, and it was historically used to reduce fevers and relieve eye ailments. As a lunar-aligned stone, it is often used to instill calm and peace. This stone has many variations and varieties, the most common of which, when banded, is called agate.

Happy guessing!


New Update, New Sale!

Greetings, greetings! As some of you noticed, there was no update in January. It might have looked like I was taking a break, but it couldn’t have been further from the truth. My January was jam-packed with custom orders, jewelry repair (I have been doing repair work for one of my local jewelry stores), and plans and plots. I have been asked to do a trunk show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts this summer, so I spent lots of time sketching, ordering materials, and planning a collection I will be proud of.

Nonetheless, I am back with a new update. I was running very low on my Faery & Sidhe wings, so those are now fully-restocked, including some new hair-sticks!

I also did some more labradorite pendants and pieces featuring real woodland moss, as well as a small series of electroplated leaf necklaces featuring bright and bold hues. When I was adding darker patina to my leaves for the Yule collection, I had a happy accident. Many of the leaves I tried the technique on turned out in a rainbow of colors instead! Unfortunately, I had a hard time keeping the patina, which rubbed off almost immediately. After a month of experimenting with various ways to preserve the color, I have finally found a way to do so without leaving an unpleasant waxy or glassy texture on the surface of the leaf. Success! These leaves will re-appear periodically throughout the year. Each is one of a kind, as no patina can be exactly replicated.

SALE! In addition, I have re-tooled my shop sections, and in doing so, I have placed 25+ items from last year on sale in my ‘Clearing The Cobwebs‘ section. Check it out for some great deals!

We’re drawing closer and closer to spring, so I am excited about collections full of flowers and cheerfulness. Catch you next month!