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Sale! Early Summer Effervecence line & FREE SHIPPING!

As I continue to work on Autumn shinies, I’ve put the Effervescence line on sale, over 20% off! Now is the time to snatch up a pop of color! And be sure to check out the Clearing The Cobwebs section for more sales and deals.

As an extra bonus, if you purchase ANYTHING from the Clearing the Cobwebs section, use the coupon code ‘FREESHIPCC‘ at checkout for free shipping. It’s time to clean house!


The Wayfarer Collection, & Autumn Preview!

I have just released a new mini-collection at Sihaya Designs. The Wayfarer Collection is a tribute to wanderers, adventurers, explorers, vagabonds and privateers. Featured prominently is the compass rose theme, to guide us– either to help us find our way home, or to help us find a star to steer by.

Now that July’s updates are done, it’s time for me to focus my attention on the upcoming Autumn updates. I’ve already purchased the materials, and truth be told, I’ve snuck a few pieces into my workflow already. Here’s a little taste:

Ieee, I can’t wait!