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Labradorite, a second wave of pumpkins, and odds and ends!


Pretty Indulgent!

Hey Canadians! Have I got some news for you. My good friend Maggie has opened up an exquisite Canadian retail site for some of my favorite brands– I absolutely adore Villainess Soaps, as well as Arcana! In addition to bath and body, she is carrying lovely nail polishes– and a limited line of Sihaya Designs Faerie Wings!

Go forth, be spendy!

Pretty Indulgent РBeaut̩ et D̩lice

Also, I’ve gotten some requests for hypo-allergenic earwires of late. Enough that I’ve decided to go ahead and splurge on an ounce of Niobium to create them. While this won’t be an immediate offering, some time in the next month or so, there will be a Niobium option for most of my earwires, and I may sell some earwires alone if you would like to switch out the metal in your previously-purchased earrings. If you’d like more information or to be put at the top of the list, please email me at christina at sihayadesigns dot com!

Shipping update!

As of tonight, all backlogged orders* have been packaged. One shipment went out today, and the other goes out tomorrow morning. If you have a question as to whether your order is on its way to you– check your Etsy feedback & purchases tabs. I have left feedback and marked all packed orders shipped. If you have any questions, please email me directly to christina at sihayadesigns dot com— I’ll be on the road for the next several days and it’s easier for me to reply on my phone through email!

Earring Club people – I’ll be emailing you! You should have your up-to-date subscriptions mailed out the Tuesday I return!

Thanks everybody!


* save two, and I’ve contacted those two people as to when they can expect their sparklies! This includes all custom orders from mid-August as well.

A Miracle (and a shipping update!)

Woo hoo! After being told to prepare for the worst, we were stunned to learn (after a $560 spinal tap) that Olive does NOT have lymphoma!

In fact, our vet is just as surprised, as it appears she has a rare spinal condition he’s never seen in cats– it’s called facet proliferation, and you usually see it in large breed dogs like mastiffs and great danes… not my teeny little dwarf cat! Even better, it may be surgically treatable, though he’s going to pass her MRI around to other neurologists for study before he recommends a course of action. In the meanwhile, Olive is on steroids to reduce inflammation around her spinal cord.

So. After a rollercoaster of emotions, we are overcome with joy to know that our little Olivebeans will be with us for quite awhile! In fact, the word that our vet used was “miracle.”

Thank you again for everything you’ve done to help us figure out the mystery of our little kitty cat and get her the very best care that we can manage. Without the enormous response, we would not have been able to afford the now $2,600 and counting in diagnostics for her.

Jason and I have been working on order packing all day long and we will continue into tomorrow. The vast majority of orders placed in the last two weeks will be shipped tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks so much for your patience and your compassion!


(& Jason, & Olive)

Update on Olive

Olive’s MRI showed that there were no bone abnormalities. The last step is to check for a very likely lymphoma. Jason and I have canceled our trip to get her the necessary spinal tap on Monday. If the diagnosis is lymphoma, and our vet seems fairly certain that it will be, prognosis is poor.

Jason and I will be shipping orders beginning on Tuesday. We thank you so much for your patience during this difficult time, and ask that you please convo us on Etsy if you need your shipping upgraded to priority due to the delay– we will gladly do this gratis.

Thank you for your support and compassion.

An Important Note on Shipping!

As many of you are aware, my friends and my community pulled together to pull off a miracle for my family this week. My cat, Olive, needs an expensive MRI and also potential surgery. This will cost us thousands of dollars. Sihaya Designs was promoted all over the web by friends, family, friendsfriends, and concerned kitty lovers across the globe.

The result? Olive’s MRI is PAID FOR. Her appointment for a preliminary exam is tomorrow, Thursday. The MRI will be scheduled after. Any monies not spent on the MRI will be put towards her treatment, be that surgery or ongoing medication. We cannot thank you enough.

This massive groundswell of orders has also left us with an unprecedented shipping queue. I have conscripted my husband into helping pack these orders. Even so, this falls right upon the doorstep of a weeklong trip out of the state. Here are some important shipping notes we have to share with you:

— The shipping queue is awe-inspiring. Like I said, Jason and I will be using every spare moment to pack orders, and I will be magically CREATING time to finish custom orders. We hope to have everything that’s not a very recent custom order shipped out by the end of next week. This will probably mean shipping while we are on the road.

— If your order included an alteration of any sort, it may take a few extra days or be pushed further towards the end of the queue. I will be taking a small toolkit with me on the trip so I can work on alterations.

— If you ordered more than one time to the same shipping address and I don’t immediately refund you, *please* send me an Etsy convo reminding me to do so. I’m usually really on top of this, but with this kind of unprecedented order queue, something may fall through the cracks due to sheer overwhelmingness-osity. Keep me honest, please. Remind me. I will be happy to refund any and all shipping overages.

— Orders until Halloween will include little surprises for EVERYONE.