Sihaya Designs Haiku Competition 2010!

Sylvan Leaves – Silver Maple in Winter’s Gift
– by Amal
, winner of last year’s contest
yield, my silken love
while frost limns the sugar maples
we may yet keep warm

In lieu of a ‘Guess the Gemstone’ contest for this month, I am reviving one of my favorite contests from last year! If you recall, I held a Haiku drawing, and I very much loved all of the results. Why not hold it again?

The Sihaya Designs 2010 Haiku Competition

How to enter:

— Write a haiku based on one of my pieces, past or present.
— Tweet, blog, or Facebook your haiku, along with a link to the listing or a photo of the piece (if you own the piece, I’d love to see it on you).
— Email me to share your results (and log your entry). You can reach me at
— No more than three entries per person, please.

The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to my shop, to be put towards any item or custom piece.

Ready? Set? GO!


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