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Sihaya Designs Haiku Competition 2010!

Sylvan Leaves – Silver Maple in Winter’s Gift
– by Amal
, winner of last year’s contest
yield, my silken love
while frost limns the sugar maples
we may yet keep warm

In lieu of a ‘Guess the Gemstone’ contest for this month, I am reviving one of my favorite contests from last year! If you recall, I held a Haiku drawing, and I very much loved all of the results. Why not hold it again?

The Sihaya Designs 2010 Haiku Competition

How to enter:

— Write a haiku based on one of my pieces, past or present.
— Tweet, blog, or Facebook your haiku, along with a link to the listing or a photo of the piece (if you own the piece, I’d love to see it on you).
— Email me to share your results (and log your entry). You can reach me at
— No more than three entries per person, please.

The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to my shop, to be put towards any item or custom piece.

Ready? Set? GO!


To Kiln or not To Kiln?

So, I’ve been reading up on precious metal clay of late. It’s always been on my list of things I’d like to attempt someday, because the results are absolutely stunning. I also like how it allows you to create your own fine silver findings– ones that are not mass-produced, thus ensuring that your piece will be more unique. I’ve also been reading some of Irina Miech’s instructional books on the topic, and some of the sample projects she walks you through are right up my alley, style-wise. She has a very naturalistic take, and one project even included little faerie faces! So perfect.

Anyway, my two main hesitations have been a) I have never taken a sculpting class and 2) I have no kiln. The first is utterly rectifiable, especially considering my husband, one of my best friends, and a ton of my other friends are trained artists. There are affordable classes around and I am sure to have good tutelage. The second… well, I’m not going to have room for a kiln so long as I’m living in an apartment. BUT! Things, they are a changin’, and now there’s a product on the market called the Hot Pot that will allow small pieces to be fired without a kiln. And what’s better, it’s not exorbitantly expensive. It will allow me to try my hand with small pieces (leaves, there will be leaves!) before I decide to seek out studio spaces where I have the use of a full-scale kiln.

Anywho, that’s where I am right now. I’ve been spending the last year or so branching out into many new mediums, and I love that it gives me greater freedom and more variety in my work. My copper etched pieces are right around the corner, so keep a look out for those as well!