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Feature at Folk and Fairy!

Our new faerie wings have been featured over at Folk and Fairy! A very beautiful blog.

We are almost sold out of the wings, but there will be more in stock soon. If you would like to commission a particular colorway, please email me!


PS – Shipping has resumed as usual! Thank you for your patience during the Snowpocalypse!


Important Shipping Notice!

As some of you may know, Baltimore is amidst a Snowpocalypse! The post office in my area has been shut down one day already amidst the 26″ snowfall, and we are expecting 18″-20″ more in the next 24 hours.

Shipping is understandably delayed, but I promise you I will get your orders to the post office just as soon as I can safely step outside. Thank you so much for your patience!


Valentines and Pressed Faerie Wings

I’m pleased to announce the latest evolutions in my jewelry. First, I’ve undertaken learning new stamped metal techniques. I am planning on custom-stamped and poetry bracelets, but for now I have these sweet treats up for Valentine’s Day:

Also, I have been experimenting with new resin techniques. Inspired by Cynthia Thornton and Brian Froud, here are my first completed pieces: Pressed Fairy Wings!

They are adorned with Swarovski crystal rondelles and also come in a Steampunky style!


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