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Regarding Holiday Commissions:

If you are planning on getting a piece of work commissioned by me for Holiday giftgiving, please discuss your commission with me by 10/31.

Often I have to special order components for commissions, so I want to give ample time to ensure all jewels reach their recipients in time for gift-giving!



Guess The Gemstone

A new round of Guess The Gemstone!

Connected to both the base and heart chakras, this gemstone is said to incite passion and clear the blood of toxins. It is a stone of healing, spiritual wisdom, and raising energy. This stone is a particular favorite of the nobility– quite notably, it was quite beloved by King Henry VIII’s first wife, the gracious Katherine of Aragon. It is perhaps due to this association that this stone is often considered symbolic of loyalty and devotion.

Please send your guesses to with “Guess the Gemstone” in the title by noon EST on November 3rd. All correct guesses will be entered, and a drawing will be held– the winner will receive a pair of earrings made with the stone in question.

Also, check out a new locket I’ve listed–

Happy guessing!

Sihaya Designs

FURBALL SALE at Sihaya Designs!

Sihaya Designs is having a FURBALL SALE! What is a furball sale, you ask? It is a sale to benefit my three little kittens, Olive, Nox, and Mim. Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was a jewelry designer named Christina. In the Spring of ’09, she went to Albuquerque, NM with her boyfriend, Jason, who had a three-month job assignment there. In the back yard of the house they rented was a kitty colony, including two tiny newborn kittens…

Once Jason and I figured the kittens were about eight weeks old, we scooped ’em up, and to the vet they went. Coincidentally, that was the same week that Jason and I got engaged– we became a family so fast. We named one (a boy) Squeaky, and the other (a girl) Olive. And pretty soon, they were driving cross country with us back to Maryland. They were very excited about cows.

Olive being cleaned by momma.

Unfortunately, we’d had them less than a month when Squeaky passed away very suddenly. The vet who performed an exam said he had a heart arhythmia. We were devastated. Our Squeakerboy had touched our lives so much in the short time we had him. But we also had Olive, and after a month of grieving, we adopted a new buddy for her at the BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore.

Behold: Nox!

Nox barely weighed four pounds when we brought him home. He was all skin and bones and giant bat ears. But he was very very lovey. Also, very sick. To the vet he went, and after two weeks of TLC and meds, he had gained some weight and could breathe again. There was joy in the land.

In the time between, Jason and I had our civil ceremony. Nox went to the vet to get neutered. And on that day, I was sitting in my office, working on shiny things for you guys– I heard a kitten crying. I ran to the living room to check on Olive, and she was just as confused. I looked out the window, and there was Mim, an Olive lookalike who couldn’t have been older than four months.

Magical, mystical, marvellous Miss Mim.

It was raining and she looked scared and hungry. What was I to do? She ran in, gobbled up food, used the litter, and then promptly fell asleep in my lap. We put up signs all around the neighborhood to find her family, but after two weeks, we decided she needed to go to the vet for all of her usual kitten shots and tests. It’s looking quite likely that Mim is a permanent fixture in our home– she’s well behaved, affectionate, and gets along well with Nox & Olive.

Unfortunately, Mim’s arrival brought a significant drain on our wallets. She brought fleas (meaning we had to treat all three kitties and our home), she was sick on top of that (luckily, better now) and got the other two sick. She still needs to be spayed and get booster shots. Poor Olive is recovering from an icky case of conjunctivitis, and Noxman is under the weather, too. We’ve already shelled out many hundreds of dollars in vet bills this month– and that’s even considering our amazing vet gave us a “Good Samaritan discount.”

So, it was time to have a Furball Sale to help us offset the costs that our lovely kitty friends have added to our budgets. Over half of the shop is on sale– just in time for early holiday shoppers to find some deals!

Thank you so much for your support.

Christina, Jason
Olive, Nox, and Mim

PS: For more pics of our fuzzy family, check out my Kitty Flickr!