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Spotlight On: Gardens of Whimsy

As some of you know, I am having my wedding ceremony on October 17th. It’s going to be a big, festive shindig, with my new husband and I exchanging our public vows in front of our friends and loved ones at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. The party to follow will be a veritable spice box, with bellydancers, delicious Middle Eastern food, and a gorgeous Autumnal cupcake tower. We’re also attempting to do this on a relatively small budget, as the idea of a big white wedding didn’t really suit either of us. And when it came time to select a bouquet, I wanted faux flowers– something that would stay vibrant and lovely forever.

Enter April Rissell of Gardens of Whimsy:

Would you believe that this beautiful bouquet cost me about 1/3 what a comparable live flower bouquet would cost? No? I didn’t either. It’s SO beautiful! Her work is so lovely that I also sprang for the Harvest Rose clip in her shop… methinks the Nicolette might be next.

If you’re in the market for a little bit of faerie fun to dress up your autumn, be sure to check out Gardens of Whimsy!


Double double, toil and trouble!

Save your pennies! This coming week, the Sihaya Designs Halloween update will go live! I’ve got fangs and skulls, pumpkins and candy corn all ready to spook and delight!

There will also be a few of my popular Sylvan Leaves in bright iridescent copper sugar maple, some truly stunning labradorite, a couple of steampunk pieces, and more harvest delights!

I am hoping to have them up no later than Wednesday!