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Better late than never. Starting Friday morning, I suffered a power outage and just got back online.

The answer to this month’s riddle was PYRITE.

Lovely, lucky Alison A. will be receiving a pair of pyrite and oxidized sterling earrings!

Thanks for playing!


Guess The Gemstone!

This month’s Guess The Gemstone:

This gemstone was one of the earliest used to create fire. Useful for divination, the Mayans would scry using large polished slabs of it. Jewelry made with this stone was quite popular during the Victorian era. Some believe it helpful in warding off crocodile attacks, others that it will give you enhanced energy and stamina– but it is perhaps best known for its shielding properties. Carry some of this to ward off negativity!

Send your guesses in to by 12 noon EST on Friday, August 21st. All correct answers will be entered to win a pair of earrings made with sterling silver earwires and the stone in question. Good luck!