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May Day Sale!

In honor of May Day, I have put several floral-themed earrings on sale! There are some great deals in there for $12 dangly earrings. Check out the new “Specials and Sales” section, and have a Merry Beltane!



We’ve just unearthed a watery trove of mermaid treasures. For these and new selections of earring wardrobes, don’t forget to check out Sihaya Designs Jewelry!

Spring Fling Jewelry Swag WINNERS!

The winner of the $25 gift certificate to Sihaya Designs is: TARA!

The winner of a sterling silver pair of earrings of my choice is: AMAL!

The winner of a brass and garnet pair of earrings is: FESTE_SYLVAIN!

Yay, and thanks for playing. I will email you shortly. In the meanwhile, enjoy these awesome Haiku submissions!

True North Necklace II – by Chris

True North to me is
wherever you are–your love
draws me like lodestone

Sylvan Leaves – Silver Maple in Winter’s Gift – by Amal

yield, my silken love
while frost limns the sugar maples
we may yet keep warm

Spring Blooms Necklace – Daisies -by Julian

Petals are main sails
Mab’s fleet is seen approaching
The watcher signals

The Seer’s Stone Bracelet – by Kim

Labradorite looks
Like pavement under ice, but
With a hidden glow

Sylvan Leaves – Bright Copper Aspen in Autumn Berry – by Feste_Sylvain

Unexpected pearls
Copper aspen in autumn
Tells of summer’s end

Myriad of Stars – by Sabrina

day descends to night
stars cradle the sleepy grace
past lives in repose

Pixie Glade Earrings – by Kristin

Moss fairy flowers
Bright copper shining gaily
In a brown-haired glen.