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Spotlight On: The Candy Thief

I am a huge fan of The Candy Thief‘s gorgeous felt headbands. Casey makes gorgeous, durable, funky pieces, and my headband has become a vital part of my summer wardrobe (not to mention that bellydancers love ’em because they help the swords stick to their heads like glue!). Check it out– here is me in my custom Candy Thief headband– just don’t mind the goofiness! It was one of those fun summer photobooth pics we did on vacation last year!

Casey’s put out a lot of new styles this year, including the gorgeous olive leaf Alexa band, and the Lila feather band, pictured below and modeled by the stylish Casey herself.

If you’re in the market for a fun, colorful way to brighten your spring wardrobe, be sure to check out The Candy Thief on Etsy!


Clip on earrings!

By request, most pairs of Sihaya Designs Earrings are now available in clip-on styles. I can substitute brass or gunmetal clips for $3, sterling silver for $5. Gold and goldfilled can be special ordered. Please convo or email me prior to checkout and I will adjust prices accordingly. 🙂

Spring Fling Jewelry Swag

Hello there! I have some leftover swag, and I need to unload it!

Drawing 1: Referrals / Prize – $25 gift certificate to Sihaya Designs Jewelry

From now until April 1, every sale made from a referral will be noted. At the end of this time, I’ll pull a name from a hat, and the referrer I pick will receive a $25 gift certificate to my shop. You can refer by blog, by word-of-mouth, any way you choose. Just make sure your referral notes that you referred him/her in the “notes to seller” or in a convo to me. Extra points if they also provide me with an email address where I can reach you. There is no limit to how many times you can be entered; if your referrals result in multiple sales (and by sales I mean individual items sold), you will be entered multiple times as well.

Drawing 2: Haiku /Prize – Sterling silver earrings of my choice

Write a haiku about one of my pieces, or one of my sold items. All entries will be entered into a hat and the winner chosen on April 1st. Limit three entries per individual. Please send your entries to with “Haiku!” in the title. I’ll even post some of my favorites here!

Drawing 3: Guess the Gem – Prize/ Brass earrings of my choice

The winner of this contest will receive a pair of nickel-free brass earrings of my choice that feature the gemstone in question. Please send your guess to with “Guess the Gemstone” in the title. Correct guesses will be rounded up and one chosen at random on April 1st.

Due to its universal connection to illumination, this gemstone is mentioned in several tales and legends. Noah used it to light the path of his ark. The Greeks associated it with eternity, and it is mentioned in the myth of Persephone & Hades. Norsemen were buried with it, believing it would brighten the path to the afterlife. Mayans used it to brighten their fires. It is said to strengthen and purify the blood and cleanse the aura.

What stone is it?

Good luck!

Note on Updates

Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico– I am staying in this gorgeous mountain city for three months. I will, of course, be providing you with new shinies while I am here, but rather than the monthly update that many have come to expect, I will have several smaller updates throughout my stay due to a shifted studio schedule.

I’ll have new Sari earrings in stock soon! Yay!